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Using Guide-Tones & Melodic Motifs to Navigate "The Girl From Ipanema" (Play-Along Étude)

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The Girl From Ipanema might be the O.G. jazz Bossa Nova.

It's a classic, but it gets overlooked because, let's face it, it's been overplayed (and often butchered). But don't be fooled—beneath the surface lies a mesmerizing composition with a harmonic playground for the discerning improviser.

This étude will give you a simple, but elegant solo over the changes that will help you hear the harmony's guide tones and give you a feel for shaping melodic phrases that describe the harmony, without just "running changes."

“This is such a great lesson. I never loved playing this tune but this is putting it in a new light! Thank you!”
—Jack Walker

“This lesson is great! It’s helping me focus and improve my practice mindset.”
—Rob Lee

"Bob, the minor triad pair over the Dominant 7 is just such a lovely sound. I have been stuck on not liking the Major triad pairs over the Dominant chords. This is a great nugget! Thanks!"
—Dave B

"This etude lesson is fantastic Bob. Thank you so much!"
—Gino H

"Wow, this lesson was so good!"
—Okan K

Choose Your Path:

1️⃣ MP3 + Transposed PDF: No hassle with transcribing - dive right in and play along with ease, tailored for Bb, Eb, and C instruments.

2️⃣ MP3 + Transposed PDF + Comprehensive Video Lesson: We'll unravel the intricate dance between melody and harmony woven through this timeless Bossa Nova gem. You'll have a clear understanding of how to find the best lines through this song.

🎷 What's in the Video Lesson?

Some highlights...

🔍 1:11 - Dive deep into the melody's nuances.

🔄 1:51 - Unravel secondary dominants and tritone substitutions.

🎢 2:21 - Another famous jazz standard with a nearly identical 'A' section

🌉 3:17 - Navigate the bridge's intricate harmony.

🃏 4:50 - Employing the "swapping minor for major" trick.

🎸 5:20 - Demystify dominant chords and their alterations.

👂 6:30 - Analyze the solo etude, dissecting rhythms, motifs, and melodies.

🤔 11:09 - Delve into thinking vs. not thinking - the art of improvisation.

🎵 12:14 - Break down the bridge through the lens of the solo.

📖 13:45 - Craft narratives in your solos with seamless connections.

🌟 15:42 - Crack the code of the 3-6-2-5-1 progression, especially the elusive "3" part!

🎶 16:27 - Harness the melody to choose the perfect scale for dominant chords.

🎼 17:16 - Unlock a secret to modern sounds with this minor triad pair technique.

🚀 18:50 - Speed up your thinking with this game-changing tip!

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The mp3 features the solo chorus plus an open chorus for you to solo. The PDF includes Bb, Eb, and C transpositions. The video is HD, about 20 minutes.

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Using Guide-Tones & Melodic Motifs to Navigate "The Girl From Ipanema" (Play-Along Étude)

0 ratings
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